I'm under the impression you've all received some instruction on how to find solid resources for reserach projects. So you're coming into these chapters with some background knowledge. The hope is that UnSpun helps you look at your resources even more critically than you did before. So, I'd like you to reflect on what the two chapters offered you. For this blog please respond to the following:

1. What's one thing you can take away from each chapter as you step back into the research process?
2. How  will you apply what you read to our current research process/project?

To receive full credit, please respond with TEXTUAL REFERENCES, thoughtfully comment on someone else's post, and proofread your posts before publishing.
Hope you all enjoyed the snow day! Plan on having your timed write on Monday. 

For this post, address my go-to question: what struck you in these two chapters? Remember, you can mention things that surprised you, things you learned, things you're questioning, etc. Consider both chapters in your response. Please cite specific examples from the reading and give a rationale to your reaction. 

Please proofread before you post and comment on at least one other post. 

Responses should be indicative of a close reading of the text. Can't wait to read your posts!