For this blog assignment, you are to select the most significant passage in the book, The Things They Carried. It is up to you how to define passage (sentence, paragraph, vignette, etc). You must quote verbatim and cite the passage accurately (for longer passages, use ellipses). Then, in at least two well-written paragraphs, explain not only a brief synopsis of what is happening during the passage (BRIEF is key), but also what makes the passage significant to the text as a whole. In other words, WHY IS IT SIGNIFICANT? Does it showcase a theme? A motif? Is it most telling of the war? O'Brien's overall message?

Please abstain from making this all about you and how the passage strikes you alone. This assignment should be focused on the passage and its affect on the reading, not you.

It's been a while since we've blogged. Please proofread and make sure what you submit is worthy of a 20-point assignment AND make sure to respond to at least one other post.