In blog post #1 for On Writing, many of you mentioned how surprised you were by the beginning of the book in terms of enjoyment. Did you find this next section as enjoyable? Has anything changed in style or tone? Cite specific places that strike you and explain why. What rhetorical devices are you seeing? Does King have a favorite device? Also, consider this: if this is meant to be "a memoir of the craft," why does King spend so much time detailing his early years? What's the PURPOSE?

Remember: this is a public venue. Uphold academic writing while still maintaining your voice and style. :) And keep reacting to others' posts.  Happy Blogging! 
Directions: A thorough paragraph reacting to what you've just read: What struck you? What surprised you? Did you learn anything new? Also, please touch on what you noticed rhetorically from King as well as what you deem the tone(s) of the section is/are. Cite evidence to support your claims. In addition, please remember that you must respond to at least one other post in a thorough and academic manner. I'm looking forward to reading your posts!
This is a place for you to post your summer reading essay thesis. I know this is daunting for some of you. I hope you'll give it a shot and maybe it will pay off! :) As a general rule, if you post one for help, then you should comment on someone else's somewhere along the way. Remember to start with a positive. Also, it is NOT YOUR JOB TO REWRITE SOMEONE'S THESIS. Instead, make suggestions. For example, "What if you reworded it so it was more concise?" OR "This is how I understand your that what you meant to convey?" Have fun!
I love all the books on the list. You chose ONLY four. Of the four, which was your favorite, and more importantly, WHY? Give us some meat here; don't settle for a "get it done" answer. With that said, check back to see if others are on the same page as you, and make a comment. OR, perhaps someone is on the total opposite side of the spectrum. Discuss! 
 I hope that it is some place where we come to share, reflect and discuss. But, before all that can happen, we need to name this blog! So, your first blog assignment is twofold: sign into the blog and suggest a name! Don't be embarrassed; any suggested is a good one! We'll vote in the winner later this week.